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Enrollment Data Request and Proof of Residence Portal

New Stud Reg

Hello, and welcome families to Collierville Middle School.  If you are visiting this landing page, your child is a new student to Collierville Schools for the upcoming academic school year, 2021-2022.  We are so excited that your young learner will be joining our family of Dragons.  

What are the next steps to enroll my child(ren)?  

  • Please visit our school locator to verify you are completing the correct new student registration portal before submitting your application.
  • You will need to submit/complete the Enrollment Data Request and Proof of Resident Portal below (per child). 

  • A member of the registrar's office at our school will review your information and will contact your family for further instructions/next steps in July. 

  • If you have any questions about new student registration for next school year, please e-mail Ms. Kathy McCulley at [email protected].

Thank you again for entrusting Collierville Middle School with your child's continued academic journey.

**New students enrolling with a shared residency affidavit are REQUIRED to appear in-person with the homeowner to your assigned school to register your child for the upcoming school year.**

Student Information

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Grade Entering School Year 2021-2022 *
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Race (Choose ALL that Apply)*
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Parent 1 Information

Is your child receiving services under an IEP, 504 Plan, or ESL?*
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Has your child ever been enrolled in a Tennessee School?*
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The child resides with?*
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Primary Proof of Residence, Required to Produce/Upload two Forms

Please produce two of the following (current documents): MLG&W Bill, Collierville Water, Mortgage Statement, Lease or Rental Agreement, Real Estate Tax Receipt, Drivers License, or Government Assistance Communication*
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1.) The following are required student documents:

  • 1.) Birth Certificate 
  • 2.) Tenneessee Immunization Form

2.) Last Report Card/Transcript: 

  • Please upload your child's Report Card/Transcript. 

3.) Social Security Number (SSN): 

  • Please enter your child's SSN in the appropriate field below.
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Required Student Document, Tennessee Immunization Form *
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Student Document, Last Report Card or Transcript
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Our attendance operator will be in contact with you after July 14th.  Should you have questions or concerns about new student registration prior to July 14th, please contact our Student Services Department at (901) 286-6398 or by email at [email protected]. 

Once you complete the digital form and receive acceptance into Collierville Schools' system, you will receive an e-mail from PowerSchool to complete your child(ren)'s official demographic and contact information.  Additionally, you will receive a link to complete your child's course selection process digitally.  You must complete this information before the start of school, on August 9.

Confirmation Email