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Welcome to Mrs. Green's Webpage!

Hello! My name is Alexis Green, and I am going to be the 6th grade Co-Teacher for the 2017-2018 School Year. I will be co-teaching in two sections of English/Language Arts and in two sections of Math. Please check my page daily for classroom updates and reminders for upcoming tests, quizzes, as well as other due dates. I will also be posting copies of homework assignments for your convenience. In addition, I will link resources to help reinforce skills covered in class. 
Thank you! I am looking forward to this school year!
You can contact me via email:
or via telephone: 901-853-3320
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Recent Posts

Math Agenda Week of 4/30

Monday, 4/30--TN Ready Testing 
Tuesday, 5/1--Finish Geometry Test, Finish Box Project 
Wednesday, 5/2--Integer Operations 
Thursday, 5/3--Integer Operations 
Friday, 5/4--Quiz Integer Operations 

ELA Agenda Week of 4/30

Monday, 4/30--TN Ready Testing 
Tuesday, 5/1--Read full Script "Monsters" 
Wednesday, 5/2--Watch "Monsters" TV Episode--Discuss Similarities/Differences 
Thursday, 5/3--Charting Plot and Reader Response
Friday, 5/4--Discussion Question for "Monsters," HW: if not finished in class, finish as homework and submit on Monday

Math Agenda Week of 4-9 through 4-13

Monday, 4/9--Area of Triangles, HW: 4.9 due 4.10
Tuesday, 4/10--Area of Quadrilaterals, HW: 4.10 due 4.11
Wednesday, 4/11--Area of Polygons, HW: 4.11 due 4.12
Thursday, 4/12--Nets and Surface Area, HW: 4.12 due 4.13
Friday, 4/13--Quiz--area of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons 

ELA Agenda Week of 4/9-4/13

Monday, 4/9--"I Can" Self-Assessment, Commas with Quotes, Narrative Day 1, HW: None 
Tuesday, 4/10--Sentence Fragments, Narrative Day 2 HW: Finish Story! 
Wednesday, 4/11--Run on Sentences, Scope Day 1 HW: Finish Worksheets 
Thursday, 4/12--Scope Article Quiz HW: Study for grammar quiz
Friday, 4/13--Quiz Pronouns and Commas, Reading Charts and Graphs 

Math Agenda Week of 4/2--4/6

Monday, 4/2--Box Plots, HW: 4.2 due 4.3
Tuesday, 4/3--Box Plots, HW: 4.3 due 4.4 
Wednesday, 4/4--Mean Absolute Deviation, HW: 4.4 due 4.5 
Thursday, 4/5--Test (Dot Plots, Histograms, Measures of Center, Box Plots, Circle Graphs) 
Friday, 4/6--Finish Test 

Alexis Green
6th Grade Co-Teacher