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Welcome to Mrs. Green's Webpage!

Hello! My name is Alexis Green, and I am going to be the 6th grade Co-Teacher for the 2017-2018 School Year. I will be co-teaching in two sections of English/Language Arts and in two sections of Math. Please check my page daily for classroom updates and reminders for upcoming tests, quizzes, as well as other due dates. I will also be posting copies of homework assignments for your convenience. In addition, I will link resources to help reinforce skills covered in class. 
Thank you! I am looking forward to this school year!
You can contact me via email:
or via telephone: 901-853-3320
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Recent Posts

Math Agenda Week of 2/19/2018

Monday, 2/19--No School 
Tuesday, 2/20--Lesson 24--True/False Number Sentences, HW--2.20 due 2.21
Wednesday, 2/21--Case 21 Benchmark Test
Thursday, 2/22--Case 21 Benchmark Test 
Friday, 2/23--Lesson 25--Finding Solutions to Make Equations True, HW--2.23 due 2.26

ELA Agenda Week of 2/19/2018

Monday, 2/19--No School 
Tuesday, 2/20--Case 21 Benchmark Testing 
Wednesday, 2/21--Case 21 Benchmark Testing 
Thursday, 2/22--The Cay review and pre-writing for final essay 
Friday, 2/23--The Cay final test, final essay write

Math Agenda Week of 2/12-2/16

Monday, Feb. 12th--Lesson on Combining Like Terms
Tuesday, Feb. 13th--Quiz--Writing Algebraic Expressions 
Wednesday, Feb. 14th--Finish Quiz, Review Quiz
Thursday, Feb. 15th--Lesson 23--True and False Number Sentences 
Friday, Feb. 16th--No School for Students 

ELA Agenda Week of 2/12-2/16

Monday, Feb. 12th--Catch up Day!! Complete missing assignments, re-do's, etc. 
Tuesday, Feb. 13th--Read The Cay Ch. 16-18 in class, HW: Finish Ch. 18 at home
Wednesday, Feb. 14th--Read The Cay Ch. 19 in class, Study Guide 16-19, HW: Finish Study Guide, prepare for quiz 
Thursday, Feb. 15th--Quiz Ch. 16-19, HW: Read for Book Project 

Math Agenda Week of 2/5/18

Monday, 2/5--Lesson 18--Writing and Evaluating Expressions with Addition and Subtraction HW-- 2.5 due 2.6
Tuesday, 2/6--Lesson 19--Substituting to Evaluate Addition and Subtraction Expressions HW--2.6 due 2.7
Wednesday, 2/7--Lesson 20--Writing and Evaluating Expressions with Multiplication and Division HW--2.7 due 2.8
Thursday, 2/8--Lesson 21--Writing and Evaluating Expression with Multiplication and Addition HW--2.8 due 2.9
Friday, 2/9--Lesson 22--Writing and Evaluating Expressions with Exponents HW--2.9 due 2.12

ELA Agenda Week of 2/5/18

Monday, 2/5--Read Ch. 12-13 of The Cay HW: Begin completing Section 4 Vocab
Tuesday, 2/6--Read Ch. 14-15 of The Cay HW: Section 4 Vocab
Wednesday, 2/7--Complete Study Guide Ch. 12-15 HW: Finish SG questions 
Thursday, 2/8--Review PowerTest, Review for Ch. 12-15 Quiz HW: Study for Quiz
Friday, 2/9--Ch. 12-15 Quiz HW: Finish Section 5 Vocab, read for Q3 Book Project

Math Agenda Week of 1/29

Monday, 1/29--EasyCBM Winter Benchmark
Tuesday, 1/30--EasyCBM Winter Benchmark
Wednesday, 1/31--Test Review--Task Cards.  HW: Study for Test 
Thursday, 2/1--Equations and Expressions Mid-Module Assessment (6.EE.A.1, A.2, A.3., A.4) 
Friday, 2/2--Review Test, Finish EasyCBM

ELA Agenda Week of 1/29

Monday, 1/29--Read Ch. 9 and 10 The Cay    HW: Continue working on Vocab
Tuesday, 1/30--Read Ch. 10 and 11 The Cay  HW: Continue working on Vocab
Wednesday, 1/31--Study Guide Ch 7-11--work on in class   HW: Vocab
Thursday, 2/1--Complete Ch. 7-11 Study Guide HW: Study for Quiz 
Friday, 2/2--Quiz Ch. 7-11.  HW: Read!! 

Math Agenda Week of 1/22

Monday, 1/22--Review for Quiz, HW: Complete Review 
Tuesday, 1/23--Quiz, HW: Vocab Quiz Corrections 
Wednesday, 1/24--Lesson 15 Read Expressions, HW: 1.24
Thursday, 1/25--Lesson 16 Write Expressions, HW: 1.25
Friday, 1/26--Lesson 17 Write Expression, HW: 1.26

ELA Agenda Week of 1/22

Monday, 1/22--Study Guide Lesson 2, Review for Quiz HW: Study for quiz
Tuesday, 1/23--Quiz over Ch. 1-4 of The Cay, HW: Read!! 
Wednesday, 1/24--Read Ch. 7 and 8 in class, HW: finish Ch.8, begin Section 3 Vocab
Thursday, 1/25--Review Ch. 5-8 for Quiz, HW: Study for Quiz
Friday, 1/26--Quiz over Ch. 5-8 of The Cay, HW: Read for Q3 Book Project

Math Agenda Week of 1/8--1/12

Monday--Factoring Expressions
Tuesday--Distributing Expressions 
Wednesday--Writing Division Expressions 
Thursday--Writing Division Expressions (cont) 

Alexis Green
6th Grade Co-Teacher