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Weeks of May 7-18

final questions for Frederick Douglass, Chapters 10-11 are due by Wed. 
Mon - start essay for Frederick Douglass. See directions below.
Tues. Submit F.D. essay in Schoology
Wed. - test on Frederick Douglass
Thurs. Career Fair in the morning, WWW 29 test
Friday - Study Sync
Mon. May 14 - Study Synv
Tues. May 15 - Turn in ipads
Wed. - Slavery movie Amazing Grace
Thursday - Field Day
Friday - Finish movie

Frederick Douglass Writing Prompt – counts as a test grade

After reading Frederick Douglass’s narrative about his life as a slave and his evolvement into an abolitionist, write an argumentative essay that explains the most powerful arguments against slavery.  Which argument is the most powerful?  Use evidence from the text to support your choice. Consider his personal narrative, as well as the religious, political, or socio-economic reasons he presents about why slavery is wrong. 

1st Paragraph – Introduction


2-4 sentences: General information about Douglass and slavery

Thesis statement: Most powerful argument(s) against slavery … (have 1-2 points) Which arguments are the most powerful?


Paragraph 2 – transition from the thesis statement

1st reason or argument against slavery

1st Evidence – quoted or paraphrased (give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate

2nd evidence– quoted or paraphrased (give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate


3rd paragraph – transition word or statement

2nd reason or argument against slavery

1st Evidence – quoted or paraphrased (give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate

2nd evidence– quoted or paraphrased (\give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate


4th paragraph – Counterclaim

Transition word, phrase or sentence

What others will say is the most powerful argument

1st Evidence – quoted or paraphrased (give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate

2nd evidence– quoted or paraphrased (give page number)

  • Explanation
  • Expound
  • Elaborate


5th paragraph – Conclusion

Transition phrase or sentence

Summary of your arguments; remember the belt example, this will cover some of the same material, but you pull it all together in a different way. Go over your same points but in a stronger way.

Clincher – final sentence, the final thought you will leave with the reader of your essay.  Make it strong.



Update your iPad to iOS 11.2

Plug in your charger to your iPad and to the wall outlet.
Go to Settings>General> update to iOS 11.2.
Charge your iPad daily!  AT home!  At night! 
Shut off your iPad when you're charging it.  It will charge faster.
Make it part of your regular routine.  

Shopping for our Angel

Please check the attached file for the items requested and the sizes .
Everything needs to be turned in by Thursday, Dec. 7.  
If you are sending money, please send it by Dec. 4.

December Holiday Activities


Collierville Middle School

December Holiday Activities




Friday                 December 1                 Flannel Friday- wear your flannel!


Monday               December 4                Basketball: Riverdale @ CMS 4:00

Wear your CMS Spirit Wear!


Friday                 December 8                Pajama Day

Cheer/Pom Winter Dance


Monday               December 11               GRINCH OUT! Get your Grinch on

and wear GREEN!


Wednesday        December 13               Ugly Sweater Day


Thursday            December 14               Basketball: CMS vs SFMS at

Collierville High @ 5:30 pm

                                                               Wear your CMS SPIRIT WEAR!


Friday                 December 15               Frosty Friday: Wear Hats and



Monday               December 18              Elf Yourself Day – Wear an Elf hat

or go all out and dress as a Holiday



Tuesday              December 19               Dress your Holiday Best Day


Wednesday        December 20              Treat Day








Veterans Day Donations & Program

Veterans Day Assembly: Collierville Middle School will have its annual Veterans Day Assembly Friday, November 10th at 9:00 AM in the gym. We will pay tribute to all branches of our Armed Forces. We are asking students to invite their family members and friends who are Veterans or Active Duty to join them for this program. Guests are asked to park at the rear of the school and proceed directly to the CMS Gym to join their students. Sign in sheets will be located near the Gym entrance.

Soldier Care Package Drive at Collierville Middle : CMS will be collecting items for the Mid-South Project Package Project Package is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that sends a monthly care package to our local mid-south service members. It is our way of letting them know we have not forgotten them and how much we appreciate them. This supply drive starts

now and runs through November 15th. Please help with
this great cause. Mr. Curry’s and Mr. Carey’s classrooms are drop off points. Suggested Donations:

Baby Wipes (Unscented) Batteries (Any Size) Beef Jerky
Bug Spray/WipesCandy Bars
Coffee (1 lb or smaller)
Cookies (Individual Sizes) Deodorant
Eye Drops
Flip Flops
Foot Powder
Fruit Cups
Hand Sanitizer
Hard Candy (Individually Wrapped)

Hot Chocolate
Little Debbie Snacks

Mouth Wash (small) Nuts (All Types)

Oatmeal Cream Pies Peanuts

Pop Tarts

Pop Corn
Pre-Sweetened Drink Packets (Individual Size)
Slim Jims Snack
Sunflower Seeds
Toilet Tissue
Tooth Brushes w/case
Tooth Paste
Trail Mix
Tuna Packets
Vienna Sausages

access StudySync ONLINE

If you have Internet access, access StudySync online by putting this in your browser:
Log on using the user name and password I gave you to access StudySync.  Then use StudySync online instead of going to the app.
Use those same directions if your 4 digit code for StudySync App is not working.  Then go to the upper right>Your Name> Profile> app key.
Then go back to the app icon on your iPad and set ups a new 4 =digit code.
Let me know any time you get kicked off.

StudySync- If you can't use the app...

If your 4-digit code you set up for the app doesn't work, follow the original directions and set it up again.  You must get a new app key each time; there is no point in saving app key info.
Using safari or another browser, log in to using the user name and password I gave you.  You were supposed to record it in your agenda.
After logging in, go to the upper right> Your Name> Profile> App Key.
Using this new app key, go to your Study Sync Icon for the app and input the new app key. 
Create your new 4-digit code.
Let Mrs. Nall about the problem so she can report it.

Schoology - if you are having problems logging in through the app...

It seems there is an issue with the App.  If students are having issues using the app have them log in using Safari at

Save the Education Box Tops


Everyone, please check your trash/recycling before tossing it
out... it may be worth 10 cents for the school! Check tissue
boxes, cereal, yogurt, paper towels, granola bar boxes, etc.
We have about 1000 students at Collierville Middle. If each
student could bring in just 10 box tops a month ($1 worth),
we could collect $1000 a month. After 9 months, we would
have collected almost $9000. This is a great way to donate to
the school without having to dig into your own pockets---it’s completely free!
Other ways to collect are to ask grandparents and neighbors, or put a box up at your church, place of business, etc.

Here are some tips to help support the Box Tops program:
• Check expiration dates! Please discard expired Box Tops. We will not get credit for these.

  • Clip on the dotted line. With the tens of thousands of Box Tops we receive, this makes handling easier and helps us save on postage.

  • Count your labels into groups of 50 and put them in Ziploc baggies or envelopes. If you don’t have 50, write how many you have for easier counting.

  • Send in any Bonus Box Tops separately

  • Have friends and family collect for you too!

    First time subscribers can also earn the school 5 Bonus Box Tops (10 cents each) by signing up to get the Box Tops email newsletter. You’ll receive coupons for Box Tops products, free sample of- fers, and Bonus Box Tops offers. Just go to to get started, enter our school zip code (38017), and select CMS and Join. Welcome back and keep collecting those Box Tops!

Sign up if you EVER shop at Kroger

Giving Back Through Kroger

Kroger’s Community Rewards program allows you to designate CMS as your nonpro t organization to receive funds. Just link your Kroger Plus Card to CMS and our school will automatically earn funds when you purchase from Kroger. Go to and log into your Kroger Plus Card account. Then type in “Collierville Middle School” in the Find Your Organization search box and click “Enroll.” It’s that simple!

For the quarter ending July 31, CMS earned $474.37 from this program, with only 69 CMS families signed up for Kroger Community Rewards. Imagine the bonus money CMS could have if more families took a few minutes to sign up? You can shop at any Kroger location, not just the Collierville stores, and it does not affect your bonus points for gas.

After that you are ready! Now when you swipe your card you are automatically giving back to Collierville Middle School.

Ipad app update for PowerSchool

From Ms. Blevins:  We recently pushed the PowerSchool app for students. When they first launch the app before they log in they will have to put the district code in. This code is PTZQ

Room Parent Letter and Request

Please complete and return the room parent letter form about contributing to the treat days and for classroom needs.  You can send cash or a check made out to Amy Bouche, our room parent in charge of the donations.  You can also sign up to provide treats on our designated treat days.  If your child has not given you the letter and form, this is a great time to ask!
Thank YOU!


Parents and guardians,
PLEASE make online donations to the school fundraiser at 
This is the school's ONLY fundraiser!  Please make donations as your circumstances allow.  If everyone makes even a small donation, the school can still reach its goal.  Individually or as a homeroom, the students may be eligible for rewards, but if EVERYONE makes a contribution, we benefit as a school.    
If you don't make an online contribution, you can send cash or a check made out to CMS- PTA.  Please donate TODAY.

Fall Break - Week of Oct. 9-13- Reading Time!

Read for pleasure during this week long break from school!  
Work on getting books for your 40 Book Challenge and filling in some areas of the chart! 
Quarter 2 we will be reading the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  You might want to get a head start on that!