Physical Education Instructor

Barbara L. Hunter

Our mission at C.M.S. is to provide a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment where all students can learn and participate in numerous games, activities, and sports that can lead to healthier and more active lifestyles.

We believe that education and participation in a P. E. and health program is the key to healthier, happier, more well adjusted, and more productive citizens for tomorrow. 

Physical Education State Standards

with all time Memphis and Pro Great Penny Hardaway!
THANK YOU to all Collierville Middle Dragons who teamed with St Jude in the fight against childhood cancer. 
I ran in the rain and had a great time pushing 2 grandkids in a stroller! CMS raised over $600.00 for St Jude! You can still help St Jude by supporting our team members listed in raising funds for St Jude. (link below)
Let's Beat Cancer Together!
CEF Fall Fun Fest 2018 has something for everyone! Come out and join me in the 5K or fun walk/run. You can also enjoy some of the other fun events! See the list for more details! When you sign up, be sure to list CMS as your school and your teacher (or B. Hunter PE)
As Always
Get Up and Get Movin'