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Welcome To My Classroom Website!


I am so excited to be teaching 7th grade Science at Collierville Middle School – Home of the Dragons!  


To view what your student is doing this week, please click on the "posts" link on the bottom right hand side of this page.  Posts will contain the outline of what we have planned for the week.  Tests and quizzes will be listed on this outline as well as homework. 


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Recent Posts

Outline for May 21 - May 24

Monday- Reproductive/Endocrine System
Tuesday- 7th Grade Awards Ceremony
Wednesday- 8th Grade Awards Ceremony
Thursday- Half Day for Students
Friday- No School
            Have a safe and wonderful summer!

Week of May 14, 2018- May 18,2014

Monday, 5/14 - Finish Frog Sandwich, Continue to work on Chapter 5
Tuesday, 5/15- Frog Dissection - Please wear close-toed shoes and tie hair back
Wednesday, 5/16 - 7th Grade Field Day -  Please wear Class T shirts
Thursday, 5/17 - Finish Chapter 5
Friday, 5/18 - Talent Show
                      Treat Day

Week of May 7 to May 11, 2018

Monday, May 7 Retake of quiz on Thursday - students may volunteer to retake the exact quiz and the average will go into grade book
                          Simple Machine PowerPoint is due - please submit after the retake - test grade
                          Groups done with PowerPoint : Begin prelab frog dissection worksheet
Tuesday, May 8  Finish prelab frog dissection worksheet
                           Groups: work on "frog sandwich" diagrams
Wednesday, May 9 Finish: "fish sandwich" diagrams
                                View frog dissection video
                                 Last Day to Turn in Late Work - please turn in work to tray and fill out index card for online late work
Thursday, May 10 Begin Section 5.1 in Chapter 5
Friday, May 11  Continue with Chapter 5

Group Simple Machine Project - due Monday, May 7, 2018

Please check with your student about his/her role in a group project in Science.
Each student must bring labelled photos to class tomorrow in order to complete the classroom project.
The exact directions are located in Schoology and students took home a hard copy of the project.  They also took a photo of it on their iPad.

Week of April 30 to May 4, 2018

Monday- Social Studies Part I TCAP/TNReady Test
               Introduce Simple Machine Project -assign groups and location
              Group Grade to be submitted in class May 7th -due date for test grade
               Homework: Students take pictures tonight on iPad to bring with them
               Due today: TCAP Workbooks are due.  Keep bringing workbook until it is graded and then keep in your locker.  Chapter Reviews in workbook are 10 points/review and each lesson is worth 6 points = 106 points total
Tuesday- Work on Simple Machine Project in Groups
Wednesday- Work on Simple Machine Project in Groups
Thursday- CASE 21 cumulative assessment - quiz grade
Friday- Field Trip to the Pink Palace

Thursday's Tutorial Cancelled: 4/26/2018

Due to TCAP testing, we will begin next week with tutorials and make-up work Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:15 am!
Thank you and have a good evening!

Wed., April 25: Makeup Quiz or Other Work

I will be available on Wednesday, April 25 at 7:15 am to make up a quiz or other work.
Thursday and Friday of this week, I will not be available in the morning.

Outline for April 23 - April 27, 2018

Monday, 4/23  Waves - students take notes
                        Due: Practice Test 1 assigned 1 week ago (4/16)-  individually earned classwork grade. May submit during classroom time
Tuesday, 4/24 Practice: Waves sheet - classwork completion grade
                     Extra Credit Due IXL B1, B2, Z1, Z2, Z3
Friday, 4/27 Students finish TCAP coach workbook and turn in - quiz grade

Missed the science quiz on Friday, April 13?

Thursday morning, April 19, at 7:15 in room 104
Thursday, April 19,  during lunch time in room 104

Update on IXL extra credit= due Wednesday, April 25

B1 = control, experimental groups
B2 = identify independent and dependent variables
Z1= label earth layers
Z2= label earth features at tectonic plate boundaries
Z3= describe tectonic plate boundaries around the world

OUTLINE for 4/162018 -4/20/2018

Monday- Students complete 1-17 TCAP Practice Test 1 for classwork/hmwk
               Review experimental variables and earth science quiz
               Practice Newton's Law Sheet
Tuesday- Students complete 18-34 TCAP Practice Test 1 for classwork/hmwk
                Simple machines Chapter 14
Wednesday- Students complete 35- 51 TCAP Practice 1 Test for classwork/hmwk and read TCAP Coach Lesson page 112-117 Complete discussion question and lesson review 1-4 on page 116-117
                 Simple machines Chapter 14
Thursday- Students complete 51-69 TCAP Practice 1 Test for classwork-hmwk
and read TCAP Coach Lesson page 127-130 Complete discussion question and lesson review 1-5 on page 130-131
                  Waves Chapter 15
Friday- TCAP Practice Now Due Monday at 8:30 am due to delayed testing
             Waves Chapter 15

4/13 Review Quiz

Students who missed the quiz on Friday, 4/13, have 2 times to make up this up.
Tuesday, 4/17, at lunch time in Room 104
Thursday, 4/19, before school in Room 104 @ 7:15 am

Outline April 9 to April 13, 2018

Monday - Design your Own Motion Experiment- test grade due Wednesday at midnight via Schoology
Tuesday- Velocity/Acceleration Chapter 13; Newton's First Law
Wednesday- Newton's Second and Third Law Discussion
                    All students submit lab writeup from Monday by midnight to Schoology
Thursday- Motion Movie; Identify examples of Newton's Laws
                 Extra Credit IXL is due P1, P2, P3, and V1 and V2 = 10 pts on the last review quiz
Friday - What is work? Chapter 14
Quiz on life science: cells,  organ systems, (use notes and workbook to review)

Reminder: Lab Write Up Due Wednesday, April 11

Students need to submit an individually typed lab to Schoology at the end of Wednesday, April 11.
You may come into RTI if you have any questions.
Thank You!