I am Ms. Yeager and I'm teaching 7th grade social studies this year. I have been teaching middle school for 15 years. I am so excited to be a DRAGON! Please use this website to find helpful information about our class.


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Renaissance Jan 30 - Feb 14



Wed 1/30- Renaissance Vocabulary, Map, Scavenger Hunt; Intro

Thurs 1/31- Moorish Influence & Snapshot  Directions

Fri 2/1- Renaissance Stations Informational Text  SW


Mon 2/4- Renaissance Stations (Look at Friday for Assignment)

Tues 2/5- CSI Florence Exhibit A & H Exhibits B-G

Wed 2/6- Art Stations Informational Text

Thurs 2/7- Renaissance Art Newspaper Directions

Fri 2/8- Map and Vocab Quiz


Mon 2/11- Humanism ppt  SW

Tues 2/12- Writers Directions  ppt

Wed 2/13- Study Guide

Thurs 2/14- Renaissance Test


Middle Ages 2; Jan 11 - Jan 29

Middle Ages 2


Fri 1/11- Vocabulary and Scavenger Hunt


Mon 1/14- Magna Carta WS  Answer choices

Tues & Wed 1/15 & 1/16- Crusades Stations   


Thurs 1/17- Crusades DBQ Directions

Fri 1/18- VOCAB QUIZ; Discuss Crusades DBQ


Tues 1/22- Black Death/Bubonic Plague SWS

Wed 1/23- Towns pptx

Thurs 1/24- Hundred Years War SWS

Fri 1/25- Reconquista & Inquisition ppt


Mon 1/28- Study Guide  SG

Answer Key


Middle Ages 1 November 26- December 14

M26- Map, Vocab, & North Atlantic Drift
T27- Charlemagne Directions
W28- Popes & Kings Directions
R29- Christianity Spreads Directions
F30- Invaders Directions
M3- Battle of Hastings Informational Text  Absent Assignment
T4- Map & Vocab Quiz
W5-F7- Feudalism Project (Quiz Grade) Directions Informational Text  WS
M10-W12- Manorialism Project Guided Notes ppt  Directions for Day 1
R13- Study Guide SG
F14- Test

Africa Chapter 31- November 15


Wed 10/31- Africa Map, Scavenger Hunt, Vocab Map  Completed Map  Vocab

Thurs 11/1- African Religion pptx 

Fri 11/2- Griots pptx


Mon 11/5- African Civilizations Stations Informational Text  WS

Tues 11/6- Vocab & Map Quiz

Wed 11/7- African Civilizations Stations formational Text  WS

Thurs 11/8- Discuss African Civilizations Stations

Fri 11/9- Mansa Musa


Mon 11/12-Trans-Saharan Trade Absentee Assignment

Tues 11/13- Study Guide WS          


Wed 11/14- Timbuktu & Djenne

Thurs 11/15- Africa Test

Fri 11/16- Case 21

Arabian Peninsula October 15- October 30

Tues & Wed 10/16 & 10/17- Abrahamic Faiths pptx
Thurs 10/18- Religion of Arabian Peninsula pptx
Fri 10/19- Make up Work 
Mon 10/22- Spread & Diffusion of Religion pptx
Tues 10/23- Vocab & Map Quiz
Wed 10/24- Trade Routes Directions
Thurs 10/25- Mehmett & the Ottomans Directions
Fri 10/26- Contributions Directions
Tues 10/30- Test

Japan September 4-25

W 9/5- Shinto
R 9/6- Shinto Video
F 9/7- Map and Vocab Quiz
T 9/11- Heian
W 9/12- M 9/17- Feudal Project  Informational Text  Directions
T 9/18-The Samuri       Informational Text      WS
W 9/19-Bushido
R 9/20- CASE 21
F 9/21- Go over answers to the Samurai stations, Bushido worksheet, and bellwork. Students may start the study guide early.
               Answer Key
T 9/25- Japan Test 

China August 20 - 31

Monday (20)- China Map and Vocabulary  Finish your Vocab Flashcards on Quizlet for homework.  Completed Map
Tuesday (21)- Tang Dynasty and Buddhism Powerpoint
Wednesday (22)- Neo-Confucianism ppt
Thursday (23)- Song Dynasty  ppt
Friday (24)- Map and Vocab Quiz
Monday (27)- Mongols . ppt
Tuesday(28)- Chinese Technology Informative Text  WS
Wednesday (29)- Ming Dynasty  Informative Text  WS
Thursday (30)- Study Guide  SG   SGw/A
Friday (31)- China Test