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Welcome to Collierville Middle School 2017-18



Art classes consist of Enriched 3 day classes and Regular 2 day classes.  

The studio-oriented art program emphasizes visual literacy, technical skills, and creative problem solving by implementing 2D and 3D artwork. Discussion of art historical topics and famous artworks is incorporated into the art course. Students will be encouraged to maintain and revise a portfolio of their most successful work using their iPads.



I have taught Art in Collierville Schools and Shelby County Schools for 18 years and prior to that I always worked in the art world.  My undergraduate degree is from the University of Memphis with a Masters plus 45.   I live in Collierville and have two grown sons and four grandchildren.  I have also held exhibits in galleries at Seaside, FL, Town Hall  and Webz Gallery in Collierville and at University of Memphis.   



I create art using  several mediums including watercolor, encaustics, gold leaf, acrylic, oil and collage. My stronger work is created using fluid watercolor that is painted using transparent pigments. Born in Memphis, and raised in a strong southern family, my genre is the southern culture with my artwork focusing on individuals and their life in a simpler time and the nature that surrounded them.


Here is a great list of things you learn in Art....
1.   Art stimulates the brain and helps develop problem-solving skills.
2.  Art builds a keener sense of perception, contributing to making better decisions.
3.   Art engages the senses.
4.   Art helps you relax.
5.   Art stimulates creativity.
6.   Art helps develop individuality and independence.
7.   Art helps to build self-esteem.
8.   Art gives you a sense of well-being.
9.   Art generates enjoyment.
10. Art promotes self-expression.
11.  Art promotes abstract thinking.
12.  Art gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
13.  Art promotes non-verbal communication skills.
14.  Art is exhilarating.
15.  Art teaches us more about ourselves than we imagined.
16.  Art inspires us to be even more creative than we already are!