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Mrs. Hammond's 6th grade Language Arts

Welcome to Mrs. Hammond's 6th grade English Language Arts for Standard Language Arts or ELA.
I grew up in Florida and Kentucky, married my husband from Michigan, moved to Louisiana, then finally to Collierville, where I've been for 30 years. All of my four kids attended CMS and CHS, and all four of them played in the band.

I have been teaching at Collierville Middle School for 25 years (a career total of 35 years), and I love it! The kids and teachers are the best! I live in Collierville, and I am heavily involved in our community. I have four incredible grown children of my own from Washington, D.C. to Nashville, TN, to Collierville, along with two sets of twins, a two year old granddaughter, and a grandson 10 month old grandson. Nothing is better than being "Mammaw" to my darlings! 
My passion for education began in Special Education (my first degree), then I moved on to Regular Education (my second). I advocate reaching each child where he/she is and with love and respect.

I am definitely a "read-aholic", and I don't apologize. I read middle school books so I know what to recommend to my students. I love getting recommendations from them. I have a huge passion for movies, too, but the students know that "the movie is never as good as the book." Finally, MUSIC fills my days if there is any time left over. :)
In these challenging times, I still truly look forward to working with your child! We all will be needing extra grace this year, and I thank you in advance for this! :) Please feel free to leave me a message at 901-853-3320 or email me at
Debbie Hammond


Q4 April 5-9

Begin the week with CASE 21 testing. MUST be completed as soon as possible! 
***Assignments from the novel The Cay follow, but these may change due to extenuating circumstances. Please check plans later in the week.