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Welcome to Mrs. Hammond's web page. Parents, I do update this page weekly, but we find that the web site is sometimes confusing. Please contact me by email if you are unable to find the update!

I grew up in Florida and Kentucky, married my husband from Michigan, moved to Louisiana, then finally to Collierville, where I've been for 25 years. All of my four kids attended CMS and CHS, and most of them played in the band.

I have been teaching at Collierville Middle School for 20 years, and I love it! The kids and teachers are the best! I live in Collierville, and I am involved in our community. I have four incredible grown children of my own and two sets of twins for grandchildren. Nothing is better than being "Mammaw" to my darlings!

I am definitely a "read-aholic", and I don't apologize. I read middle school books so I know what to recommend to my students. I love getting recommendations from them. I have a huge passion for movies, too, but the students know that "the movie is never as good as the book." Finally, MUSIC fills my days if there is any time left over. :)


Recent Posts

April 2-6

Monday: Commas after transitions. Sentence fragments.
Tuesday: Commas between coordinate adjectives.. Complete       Subjects/Predicates.
Wednesday: Commas in a Series. Compound subjects/predicates
Thursday:Misuse of commas. Complex sentences
Friday: Commas with appositives. Simple and compound sentences.
 QUIZ on Monday.

March 26-30

Monday- ELA practice test
HW: Study Sync Grammar Review 1 Pronouns Reflexive and Intensive
Tuesday-ELA practice test
HW: Study Sync Grammar Review 2 Pronouns Consistent Pronoun use
Wednesday- ELA practice test
HW: Study Sync Grammar Review 3 Pronouns Indefinite
Thursday:ELA practice test
HW: Study Sync Grammar Reviews 4 and 5 Pronouns possessive and Antencedents
Friday: Good Friday :) No school.

March 19-23 Honors Language Arts

Monday: Bellwork for week; Connotation/Denotation lesson; posters

Tuesday: Complete questions for Q3 write  HW: Write intro paragraph ONLY

Wednesday: Write body paragraphs HW: Write conclusion paragraph.

Thursday: Quick Peer Edit; Write FINAL COPY

Friday: video only if essays are complete


March 19-23 Standard Language Arts

March 19-23   Standard ELA


Monday: Bellwork for week; Connotation/Denotation lesson; posters

Tuesday: Character Development throughout The Cay;

Wednesday: Review for TEST on The Cay

Thursday: The Cay TEST Begin video

Friday: Video- Compare the novel The Cay

March 5-9 Honors ELA

March 5-9 Honors ELA

**Check PowerSchool for missing quizzes or tests. These must be completed by Wednesday, March 7.

Monday: Presentation of Book Review Posters

Tuesday: Discussion of essays

Wednesday: Discussion of essays

Thursday: Think questions about “Heroes”

Friday: Think questions about “Heroes”

March 5-9 Standard ELA Assignments

March 5- 9 Standard ELA

**Check PowerSchool for any missing/incomplete quizzes or tests. These must be done by Wednesday morning.

Monday: Presentation of Book Reviews

HW: Review ch. 16. Make certain that all vocab is complete for Tuesday.

Tuesday: Review Plot map/discuss ch. 16

HW: Read/review ch. 17/18

Wednesday: Discuss ch 17/18

HW: Read/review ch. 19

Thursday: QUIZ over ch. 16-19

Friday: Review of entire novel, The Cay

February 20-23 Standard ELA

Tuesday: Benchmark assessment 
HW: Vocabulary Section 4, #1-8
Wednesday: Benchmark Assessment
HW: Vocabulary Section 4, #9-16
HW: Vocabulary Section 4 #17-25
Friday: Quiz over Ch.12-15

February 20-23 Honors ELA

Tuesday: Benchmark assessment
Wednesday: Benchmark assessment
Thursday: Submit essay for quiz grade
Friday: Classwork- Comparing articles