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Library Policies

The CMS library operates on a flexible schedule. This means that classes come to the library on an as needed, irregular basis.
Individual students may come to the library every day. 
We encourage students to check out one book at a time; return the book by the due date, then check out another book.  This policy keeps books in circulation so that all students have access to popular books. Students are encouraged to use their Agenda Books to keep track of their due dates and their library check out ID numbers. 
Each grade level has a separate check-out policy.
6th graders check out one book at a time.
7th graders may check out up to two books at a time.
8th graders may check out up to three books at a time.
An important goal of a middle school library is to encourage students to learn responsibility.  Students who check out library books and return them on or before the due date do not incur fines.  When a student returns a book later than the due date, another student is not able to check out the book.  The consequence for returning a book after its due date is a charge of 10 cents for each school day past the due date.
Students with overdue books may continue to check out CMS library books until the fine reaches $1.00.
If a library book is misplaced, we ask that students look for it.  When the book is not found after a rigorous search, the student will pay to replace the book.  
A guardian's permission is required for a student to check out an audiobook.  We also ask that sixth and seventh graders secure a guardian's permission to check out Young Adult books.
Parents are invited to volunteer in the library.  Please contact the CMS PTA for more information about becoming a library volunteer.