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Library Policies

Welcome to the CMS Library! 


Gina Seeley – Librarian –

Judy Powers –Library Assistant –


The library is a dynamic space for both students and faculty.  With thousands of books, both fiction and non-fiction, hundreds of instructional DVD’s for use in the classroom, a comprehensive professional resource library, open computers and friendly staff, there is certainly something for everyone!


Due to Covid-19 and Social Distancing Protocols Students will use the following procedures for checking out library books.


  • All staff working within the school library will maintain a safe social distance from each other and students. Current spaces should be adequate to accommodate this.
  • Students and staff will not browse physical bookshelves. Instead holds will be placed electronically through Follett Destiny (current online card catalog). Selections will be delivered to the student’s homeroom as they become available. Students may also

e-mail for a hold to be placed on a book. 

  • Print materials will be returned to designated drops (to be determined by school and if current phasing/movement allows) or library will staff will visit classrooms to collect books.
  • Print materials will then immediately be placed in quarantine within a designated storage space in the school library for 72 hours, after which they will be checked in for recirculation.
  • School librarians and library staff will wear personal protective equipment when handling print materials for circulation (mask, gloves, face shield, etc.)
  • Shared materials used in centers, Makerspaces, and technology such as laptop carts etc. will not be utilized within the school library this year.
  • The librarian will visit classrooms for classes if there are not enough tables/spaces for students to social distance due to class sizes. This may vary per class. 
  • More information will be coming to you as our circumstances change.