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WyldLife Club

When?   Wyldlife Club meets the third Thursday of the month except for the Fall & Spring Break months. On those months we will meet the week before. 7:00 AM in the gym.
Dates are as follows:
Thursday Sep. 19
Thursday Oct. 10 (second Tuesday of month)
Thursday Nov. 21
Thursday Dec. 19
Thursday Jan. 16
Thursday Feb. 20
Thursday March 12 (second Tuesday of month)
Thursday April 16
Who?   Any CMS middle school student
What is Wyldlife?    At club kids laugh, play, and talk about what matters in life. We invite middle school students to experience life as it was meant to be lived - to simply be kids while growing up and learning, from caring adults, what life is about. Middle school kids are searching for belonging, hope and life. We're in it with kids and accept them as they are - no strings attached. Kids are invited to experience life as God designed it to be lived. 
Why is it spelled Wyldlife?  The "Y" and the "L" stand for Young Life. Wyldlife is the middle school version of Young Life, an international youth organization. To find out more about Young Life you can check out their website here: www.younglife.org
For more information on CMS Wyldlife contact Brittany Streger at brittany.younglife@gmail.com or Cindy Baker at cbaker@colliervilleschools.org
Third Thursday of the Month except for Fall & Spring Breaks months.